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Lead Vocals / Guitar

Ray Hernandez

Ray Hernandez is the lead singer and backing guitarist of the band. Ray started playing guitar at young age, taking private lessons from a guitar instructor with an amazing collection of guitars. Aside from the used Epiphone acoustic his parents bought him to learn on, Ray was afforded the opportunity to play on his teacher’s Gibson Hummingbird and was forever hooked to say the least! Ray also took complete command of his parents record player and vinyl collection. Listening to artists like Creedence Clearwater, Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, Bill Withers and Al Green. He later started ‘borrowing’ his sisters albums, expanding his listening compulsion to Queen, Peter Frampton, Led Zeppelin, and of course, Pink Floyd. Ray even recorded both of his sisters’ copies of Dark Side Of The Moon and The Wall onto cassette tapes, which he listened to on headphones day and night. Ray memorized every word, every sound effect, every voice and every nuance of every song! He was forever obsessed!

From a young age, albeit performing in the school choir or impersonating his favorite rock legend, singing came naturally to Ray. Fine attention to detail, however, is what really allowed Ray to craft his voice. With an ear for detail, Ray has dialed in on the on the little nuances. The phrasing, inflections, and even the English accents that are the makeup of the Pink Floyd vocal. From the shrill of Roger Water’s tortured screams to the warm melodic resonance of David Gilmore’s voice, Ray brings his range and ear for replication of this music to the band to set Eclipsed By The Wall: A Pink Floyd Tribute apart from the rest.

Lead Guitars / Backing Vocals

Eddie Cusani

Eddy Cusani has been playing guitar for over 20 years. In high school, Eddy and his best friend found a guitar and bass in the garage and started learned the basics on their own. This gave them enough knowledge to start writing songs and performing in original bands, which later played throughout the Los Angeles music scene.

Eddy’s guitar playing is primary rooted in funk and rock, although he does like to explore many other genres including blues, jazz fusion, classical and flamenco. Eddy’s guitar influences include Al DiMeola, John McLaughlin, Dean DeLeo, John Frusicante, David Gilmour, Jimmy Page, Billy Corgan, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix and Steve Howe. Eddy has been in mostly original acts for which he has wrote, sang, and played guitar. He now runs a YouTube channel for which he teaches guitar covers through tablature, and dedicates the remainder of his time playing the music of Pink Floyd.

Keys / Sax

Dan Cowan

Dan Cowan is the bands keyboardist and saxophonist. He discovered an interest in music as a child listening to SoCal rock station KLOS, and his moms classic rock vinyl collection on an already vintage children’s Fisher Price record player.

At 11yrs old, Dan began playing saxophone and taking lessons at local music store where he was introduced to the sounds of jazz saxophone legends Charlie Parker and John Coltrane. Dan continued to play saxophone throughout childhood and his academic years, including school bands and later taking a chair in the Jazz A Band at Cal State Northridge, where he received a B.A. in Music Industry Studies.

Dan worked his way through college teaching sax lessons and working as a barista at local bookstore, where he met Cal Arts graduate Kevin Kmetz. The two instantly hit it off and Dan was quickly recruited to play sax in Kevin’s local progressive rock band Lefty’s Head, which would also recruit drummer Theo Mordey (whom would later become the drummer of Eclipsed by The Wall: A Pink Floyd Tribute).

With degree in hand, Dan accepted a job under the production supervisor at the Hollywood Bowl. Working-by-day and attending concerts at night was perfect opportunity for Dan to expand his network, meeting local and touring artists. Following a 2-year stint at the Hollywood Bowl, Dan began producing music videos and documentaries for fellow musician friends. This second interest led Dan to transition to the filmed entertainment industry (marketing post-production) where he has resided over the past 20 years.

Dan picked up a passion for keyboards and synth later in life. While he did learn the general fundamentals of piano in school, it is only in recent years that Dan has crafted his technique at home. Heavily inspired by Rick Wright of Pink Floyd, Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, and Cory Henry of Snarky Puppy.

Dan currently works as Director of Creative Advertising at Focus Features/NBCUniversal, where he has just hit his 10-year anniversary and plays saxophone and keyboards in Eclipsed by The Wall: A Pink Floyd Tribute.

Drums / Backing Vocals

Theo Mordey

Theo Mordey is a drummer, percussionist, recording engineer, and producer. He was born during the golden era of vinyl records in the time when the best rock and roll music was created. He began his drumming/music career (inspired by the rock bands Queen and Kiss) at the tender age of seven playing the snare drum at an elementary school Christmas concert banging away on the famous tune, “The Little Drummer Boy.”

Theo’s drumming style is influenced by Roger Taylor, Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Dennis Chambers, Louie Bellson, Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, Peter Criss, Gary Husband, Phil Gould, Nicko Mcbrain, Peter Erskine, Anton Fig, John Bonham, Nick Mason, Ringo Starr, Gavin Harrison.

Theo started taking drum lessons from several local instructors until he was 18 years old. In that time, he also recorded many solo drum compositions, taught drum lessons, and played drums in cover band and original music projects. In his 20s, he attended Cal Arts in sunny Valencia, CA where he got his B.F.A. in World Music/Percussion. He then was hired to play drums for the National Tour of “Jesus Christ Super Star” starring Ted Neeley and Carl Anderson and soon after he played on tour with “Tommy” and “ Evita.” He also played in two prog rock bands with some of his friends from Cal Arts, Lefty’s Head and The J.S. Bach Experience (J.S. Bach compositions in rock style).

In his 30s and 40s, Theo continued to play in many music projects: numerous regional musical theater productions, live work and session drumming. He taught drum lessons for many years, and also delved into recording engineering. In 2008, he attended Video Symphony where he received a Certificate Of Completion in Pro Tools/Audio Engineering and won “best drummer” at The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame at a Corporate Battle Of The Bands Event. He was also put on the drummer sub list for the Las Vegas production of “We Will Rock You.” Some of the recording engineering projects he has worked on include the 2010 version of “The Homecoming Queen’s Got A Gun” by Julie Brown, sound design for a live play by Pixote Hunt (Director of Fantasia 2000, and Tarzan) compositions by Jean Michel Byron (Toto), Kim Norton (guitarist for Roger Daltrey- The Who), Estradasphere, Masahiro Nita (famous shamisen player), Kevin Kmetz( main shamisen player on “Kubo And The Two Strings”). He produced many audio dramas for The Colonial Radio Theater, post production sound for countless well known audiobooks for Audible and many other fun projects. He is currently playing drums at The First Presbyterian Church in Newhall, as well as for a Pink Floyd Tribute band called “Eclipsed By The Wall.” He is still doing recording engineering and working on other music projects.

Bass guitar / Backing Vocals

Corey Bauer

Music has always held a special place in Corey Bauer’s heart. At a young age he was drawn to his grandmother’s piano where he first began learning the language of music. At age 10 he recieved his first guitar from his father and inspired by artist such as Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Randy Rhodes, and Steve Vai, began his lifelong love affair with the instrument. Growing up in Burbank, CA, he spent the next few years jamming with any other musicians he could find at school. At age of 14, inspired by Nirvana & the wave of grunge rock that was sweeping the nation in the early 90s, formed the 3 piece rock/grunge band Defect with 2 of his close friends. Throughout the next several years he led the group as the front man guitarist/singer/ songwriter playing shows around town and at many of Hollywood’s famous venues such as The Whiskey, The Roxy, & The Coconut Teaser.

His love for music did not stop at performing, as he had a strong interest in live sound reinforcement & studio recording techniques. Through the theater tech course at Burbank High, he served as the audio engineer for all of the assemblies, concerts, plays & graduation ceremonies throught his 4 years there.

Following the tragic demise of his high school band, Corey headed to college to study music and further his knowledge. Studying classical guitar, music theory, Composition and recording techniques, he performed in several groups and orchestras playing not only electric and classical guitar, but vocals, bass, drums, percussion, and cello; Additionally performing recording and sound engineering duties for the studio orchestra & many of his fellow music students’ culmination recitals. In 2008 he graduated with honors, from CSU Northridge, with a Bachelor’s of Music in Commercial & Media Writing.

Over the years, Corey has worked as an audio engineer in a handful of studios, and live concert settings. But his love of performing live music has always persisted. For the last 10+ years he has been performing with cover bands all over Southern California playing bass and singing.

His long standing appreciation for David Gilmore & Pink Floyd’s music has lead him to his current band Eclipsed By The Wall: A Pink Floyd Tribute where he serves as bassist and backup vocalist. At the tryouts when joining the band in 2019, he jokingly said “as long as you guys sound exactly like the albums, I should do just fine”. To his surprise, they did & the rest is history.

Guitar / Backing Vocals

Dan Kirkpatrick

Multi-talented singer-guitarist-songwriter Dan Kirkpatrick hails from the Midwest, and has been veteran of many touring rock bands before moving to Hollywood to attend the Musicians Institute. He has led his own bands, including the critically acclaimed blues band “Earl Seratte and The Blues Kings”, who toured extensively in the Southern California area for many years. Their CD release “Verite” had what reviewers called “a great combination of traditional blues, swing and modern rock-style songs delivered with panache and makes this band a must see if they hit a club near you”. Dan also led the power classic rock trio “Right Side Up”with Robert Heller on bass and Pete “Snappy” Smith on drums.

In the last few years Dan has had songs featured in film and television, including the recent Fox show “The Goodwin Games”, the NBC hit series’ “My Name Is Earl” and Showtime’s “Huff” along with A&E’s “Biography”. His work can also be heard in the feature film “The Other Brother”, the film short “Lyla Wolf: (Infractus)” and his playing on Julie Brown’s recent “Smell The Glamour” release. He can also be heard on many indie studio projects including The Showdown Stage Production recordings of “Wild Dust… The Musical”, “Bergeracky”, “Peter Panic” and “Nottingham” to name a few.

Being part of the music industry for many years, Dan served as the Executive Director of the National Academy of Songwriters,  a non-profit organization dedicated to the art and craft of songwriting, highlighted by the annual concert series the “Salute to The American Songwriter”, each year honoring those songwriters who contributed so much to the craft. Lifetime Achievement Award awards were given and honored among others at the shows he produced Crosby, Stills and Nash, Stevie Wonder, Hal David and Burt Bacharach, Jimmy Webb and Barrett Strong and Norman Whitfield. During his NAS years, he was also publisher of the much heralded “SongTalk” magazine.  Dan also served as President of the California Copyright Conference and was VP Publishing Administration at North Star Media and later at the firm of Winogradsky/Sobel.